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מבצע ענק

Exclusive promotion for Adam Medical

Buy PHILIPS HS1 ONSITE Defibrillator including Beaty Resuscitation Feedback

And receive a storage closet including an alarm and operating instructions at no extra cost.

The whole package at a very affordable price - only 4300 NIS including VAT

Sale for two days only
Only a device can be purchased  
Device specifications:
Made in the USA, manufacturer warranty 8 years, battery life up to 4 years or 200 markets (bi-phase)  
No need for a medical prescription or medical background, speaks Hebrew. Unique SMIL PADS stickers by PHILIPS. Suitable for use in adults, children and infants. Without the need for routine maintenance.



40 40 מכשיר החייאה.jpg



מלאי מוגבל כל הקודם זוכה

Register now and we will demonstrate at no cost  How you can save the lives of your relatives

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