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 Our courses

At Adam Medical we offer a wide range of first aid courses  For different target populations:

Organizations and companies,  Colleges, schools, tour guides, drivers of public vehicles and private individuals.

We give each of our customers a very personal touch.

Adam Medical's agent comes up to the client with a course offer customized and taking into account the target population,

The time allotted to us by the customer and the most appropriate content for him.  

We offer CPR workshops of several hours, first aid courses  At the highest level.


Call us and we will tailor a particularly affordable offer for you.

First aid course
28 hours
First aid course
22 hours
First aid course
8 hours
First aid course
4 hours
Refresher courses
First aid  
Operations course
CPR device
Submitters course
First aid
60 hours
Submitters course
First aid
44 hours
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עזרה ראשונה למפעלים וחברות.png
עזרה ראשונה גננות.png
1עזרה ראשונה ילדים.png
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