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Subject Description Main Subjects Total Hours Aids Required Absorption Absorption Registration and Opening Call 5.0 h. Couples practice resuscitation practice Couples practice resuscitation in pairs, baby and child, removal of a foreign body 1 hr. Film + video Unconsciousness Conditions Unconscious with breathing, cognition of diseases' 1.5 hours Blood circulation Anatomy of blood circulation 5.1 hours Anatomical map, Respiratory system film Anatomy of the respiratory cycle 1 hour Anatomical map, Heart attack film Myocardial infarction, angina, Heart failure, asthma 250 PL 5.1 hrs Heart shock model of all types Knowing the state of shock, including types 1 hr. Stopping hemorrhages Demonstration and practical practice 5.1 hrs. Breathing 1 hour Blood pressure monitors Nervous system Anatomy of the nervous system including head injury, bruises + practice 1 hour Hours Anatomical map Anatomical chest injury The chest includes open chest injuries, closed 5.1 hours Anatomical map Abdominal injuries Anatomy of the abdominal organs, Abdominal and pelvic injuries Treatment of abdominal injuries 5.1 hours Anatomical map, model of internal organs Dressing materials Wounds and burns Skin structure, Dressing principles 5.1 hours Materials Dressing, cooling bags, film 12 Yad Harutzim St. Tel Aviv | Phone: 7239011-03 | Fax: 7239024-03 Address for mailing: Ministry of Culture and Sports / Sports Director - 14 Hamsger St. PO Box 57577 Tel Aviv 61092 E-MAIL: Topic Description Main sub-topics Total hours of aids required. Movement system Anatomy of the movement system Skeletal knowledge, fractures including fixation and special fractures 2 hours For backboard, including Philadelphia collar, safety rules for lifting and carrying casualties 1 hour Backboards, helmet Vulnerability from snake bites, rabies, scorpion bites 5.0 hours Receiving information Interrogate a patient and receiving a patient / casualty measure '0.5 hours per rehearsal Ba'ar includes simulation 5.1 hours of dressing materials, summative tests, theoretical and practical tests 2 hours of examination forms, resuscitation equipment, dressing materials and fixations Total

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