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!!! Anyone can save a life

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Forget everything you know  EFor first aid courses

Adam Medical offers you to learn to save lives in a fun way that combines learning with unique methods and means of instruction, on

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Hebrew defibrillator operation

What is sudden cardiac arrest?

Sudden cardiac arrest is a condition in which the heart stops beating suddenly and unexpectedly as a result of a malfunction in the electrical system of the heart. The malfunction that causes sudden cardiac arrest is an abnormal and life-threatening heart rhythm; Arrhythmia. The most common arrhythmia is ventricular fibrillation. the brain. Sudden cardiac arrest may occur immediately after the heart moves into ventricular fibrillation. During a sudden cardiac arrest, the victim first loses his heartbeat, then, his consciousness and finally, his ability to breathe. These stages can occur quickly - in fact, it is a matter of seconds ... Sudden cardiac arrest may attack its victims without any warning. It recognizes no boundaries, and claims hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide every year. People of all ages, at all levels of fitness and having all types of lifestyles may fall victim to it and not survive its onslaught. 

First aid equipment

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